Jessica and Joe’s Wedding at Oheka Castle

I’m very pleased to show some of my favorite photos from Jessica and Joe’s wedding, photographed at Oheka Castle in Huntington, NY last fall:

0004-IMG_4587A1 0014-IMG_4606 0027-IMG_4612 0201-IMG_4934 0222-IMG_4991-copy 0234-IMG_5010 0303-IMG_2272-copy 0311-D7K_2957 0327-IMG_5153-copy 0494-D7K_3214 0524-D7K_3278 0545-IMG_5568 0591-D7K_3319-copy 0610-IMG_2353A 0645-IMG_2395-copy 0712-D7K_3554-copy 0733-IMG_2404 0766-IMG_2416 0796-IMG_2422-copy 0818-D7K_3782 0832-D7K_3828-copy 0845-IMG_5765-copy 0859-IMG_2435 0860-IMG_2437 0869-IMG_2443 0892-IMG_2488 0925-IMG_2533 0991-D7K_4191 0993-D7K_4200-copy 1178-IMG_2771 1251-IMG_2987 1266-IMG_3046 1303-IMG_3164

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