NY Botanical Garden Wedding – Katie and Christopher

I’m very pleased to show a preview of photos from Katie and Christopher’s wedding at New York Botanical Garden:

02-IP2C5312 03-IP2C5321-1 06-IP2C5362 07-DSC06487 08-IP2C5442-3 09-IP2C557104-DSC06462 10-IMG_0980 11-IP2C5592 12-IP2C5611 13-IP2C5652 15-IP2C572914-IP2C5714 16-IP2C5816 17-IP2C5827-4 18-IP2C6053 20-IP2C6084-6 21-IP2C6095 23-IP2C6133 24-IP2C6164 25-IP2C6172-8 26-IP2C6183 27-IP2C6190 28-IP2C6265 29-IP2C6277 31-IP2C6332 32-IMG_1098 33-IP2C6477 34-IMG_1251-9 35-IMG_1335 36-IMG_1374 37-IMG_1383 38-IMG_1410 39-IP2C6529 30-IP2C6289 41-IP2C6695 40-IP2C6593 42-IP2C7100-10 43-IP2C7101 44-IP2C7135-11 45-IP2C7180 46-IP2C7445-12 47-IP2C7630 48-IP2C7643-13 49-IP2C7711 50-IP2C7760-14 51-IP2C7766 52-IP2C7803 53-IP2C7903 54-IP2C7963 56-IMG_1901 57-IMG_1909-15 55-IP2C7992 58-IMG_1943 59-IMG_2029 60-IMG_3499-16 61-IMG_3588 62-IMG_2090 63-IMG_3729-17 64-IMG_3763 65-IP2C7996-18

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