Nassau Inn & Princeton University Chapel Wedding – Alison and Will

IMG_6037X IP2C9418 IP2C9430 IP2C9607X IP2C9760-2 IP2C9813 IP2C9836 IMG_6337X IP2C9872-2 IP2C0012-2X IP2C0023 IP2C0098X IP2C0128 IMG_6359X IP2C0292X IP2C0335X IP2C0343X IP2C0426X IP2C0492X IP2C0528 IP2C0539X2 IMG_9633 IMG_6422AIMG_9659 IMG_6475A IMG_6484X2 IMG_6491X IMG_6564X IP2C0179C IP2C0223D IP2C0265D IP2C0337CIP2C0115B IP2C0097BIMG_9902IP2C0150AX IP2C0154A IP2C0197A IP2C0214AX IMG_6740X IMG_6785AXX2 IMG_6802AX IMG_6816AX2 IMG_6865XX2 IMG_6965A IMG_6994A IMG_7136 IP2C0318AIP2C0544B IMG_7337 IMG_7344A IMG_7356 IMG_7369 IMG_7370 IP2C0347A IP2C0383A IP2C0392A IP2C0483A IP2C0544A IP2C0547A IP2C0687 IP2C0758 IP2C0886 IP2C0931X IP2C0945 IP2C0952 IMG_0063 IP2C1075 IP2C1088X IMG_7462 IMG_7503 IMG_7557 IMG_7592 IMG_7597 IP2C1667-2X IMG_8123X IMG_8395AXI’m very pleased to show a selection of preview photos from Alison and Will’s wedding. The getting ready and reception photos were at Princeton’s Nassau Inn. The wedding ceremony was at the Princeton University Chapel. We also made some photos on the beautiful Princeton University campus. Event planning and coordination was by Mary Harris Events. This is just a small preview of my photography of the day!

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