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Welcome! I’m a New Jersey-based photographer who also regularly photographs in New York and Connecticut. I have been photographing weddings since 2002. My family and I live in Cresskill, New Jersey, about 10 miles from Manhattan.

I’m originally from Dalmatia on Croatia’s coast — where the Dalmatian dog originates. When I was little, I also lived in Sweden for a few years before moving to New Jersey. Before photography, my greatest passion was drawing. I loved drawing people and things. In elementary school I got a very basic camera and found that using it was a wonderful experience. Later I would borrow my father’s all-manual camera. And in high school, I photographed for the school newspaper and yearbook. At home, I created my first darkroom where I developed many rolls of film and spent many hours crafting black and white prints.

I attended New York University and took a portrait class with a photographer in Manhattan. I then transferred to the University of Chicago where I majored in philosophy. At Chicago I also studied photography, aesthetics and the history of art. I then attended Cornell Law School where I earned a J.D. degree. While at Cornell, I photographed various events and had a solo exhibit of my art photography. After law school, I worked as an attorney but continued photographing for fun.

Over the years, I attended many photography exhibits and lectures, including talks by renowned documentary photographer Sebastião Salgado and John Szarkowski (then the Director of Photography at the Museum of Modern Art).

In 2001, I was inspired by the work of Denis Reggie, the photographer who transformed wedding photography with a more natural style known as wedding photojournalism. Denis is know for his lengthy list of notable clients, including Vera Wang, John Kennedy Jr., Martin Luther King III, and Caroline Kennedy among many others. In 2002, I traveled to Denis Reggie’s studio in Atlanta for a 4-day workshop on digital wedding photography. After the workshop I began photographing weddings part-time. In 2004, I left law practice and have been photographing full-time since then.

What makes my photography different?

I value authentic moments and authentic emotions above all. For me, the magic of photography is how it draws from reality and transports us to a time, place and feeling — more vividly than our memories do. Our memories of events sometimes even merge with our photos of those events.

As a result, authentic documentary photos hold a special value for me. That doesn’t mean I never direct my subjects (I do direct people for portraits). It does mean that I put extra effort into the unposed photos.

Related to that, I value photos that authentically represent the way things looked and felt, without being over-stylized to match some trend. Wedding photography has seen many trends that came and went.  Whatever is “in” at the moment is guaranteed to look dated in just a few years. Just look back at old wedding photos: the photos that captured real moments remain meaningful and timeless, while photos that were over-stylized show their age and often look corny.

I hope you’ll see in my photos a natural style — creative but not forced. I may try new things from time to time, but the photos are generally meant to have a classic and lasting style.

Finally, it seems that every photographer today describes themselves as unobtrusive. I do too — but not because it’s trendy. Rather, I have a low-key, quiet personality that fits in easily at a wedding or other event. I can direct when needed, such as for some portraits, but for the most part I prefer to be an attentive observer — capturing moments as they happen.

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“Wonderful wonderful photos…  I’ve looked at about 100,000 photos this week (week is still young) and these are clearly the best!  By far.” — Ira Berger, Photo Editor at PEOPLE magazine, on Kathryn and Eduardo’s wedding photos.


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“Well, I felt like transported to a world of dreams and pure beauty. I never saw our building in this out of this world light and atmosphere…  If you created such beauty and purity it means that there is a transcendence there.” — Al Orensanz, Director of the Angel Orensanz Center, on Rebecca and Jonathan’s wedding photos.

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