Client Galleries

Most current Client Galleries are at this link:

Ordering prints: photo galleries at the above link feature a shopping cart for ordering prints. When viewing your gallery, click on any photo and “Add To Cart” to see the available print sizes and other options. Then click plus + to select a print size. Use the red Add-to-Cart button at bottom to add the print to your cart.  The cart icon at top right of the screen shows the number of items in your cart. Once you’ve made all of your selections, click on that icon to go to the cart and complete the checkout process. Note: Gallery-related emails (such as confirming an order) will usually come from or But please email me directly at with any questions about the gallery or your order.

When will the photos be online? For weddings, I email a preview one or two weeks after the wedding. I usually post the complete set of wedding photos to the Client Galleries about 70 days after the wedding day. I post engagements and family portrait sessions to the Client Galleries about 35 days after the session. Most galleries expire six months after they are posted, but can be extended for a small fee.

Lost your photos from long ago? I may still have them! Please get in touch and I’ll check whether I still have them in my archive. If I do, I’d be happy to restore them to an online gallery where you can download them again. A fee of $75 will cover the archive retrieval and storage costs.

Backup tips for clients: Once you’ve downloaded the photos, I recommend copying all of the digital files onto several flash drives. It’s a good idea to make at least 3 copies, just in case of loss, damage or deterioration over time. Also, keep your flash drives in different locations. A cloud service is good too as an extra backup (in addition to the flash drives). Note: as flash drives are small and notoriously easy to lose, I suggest attaching a big label to each flash drive, and putting it in a special box — perhaps with other valuables — to minimize the risk of loss.