2001: A Digital Odyssey (photos with Canon G2 camera)

Stanley Kubrick’s fascinating movie, 2001: A Space Odyssey (released in 1968), made some accurate predictions about the future (and some not so accurate). Among the things it predicted correctly were flat-screen computer monitors, voice recognition and voice-controlled computing. However, the movie includes a scene in which a photographer appears to be winding the film in his camera after every shot.

It appears that the movie did not foresee the digital photography revolution that would occur right around the year 2001. The ground-breaking Canon 30D appeared in the Fall of 2000, and the Nikon D1X and D1H and Canon 1D were introduced in 2001. A record number of digital point & shoots were introduced in 2001. Digital quality was improving and prices were falling. Within a few years, digital cameras would outsell film cameras and 35mm film sales would tumble dramatically.

Some time in 2001, I caught the digital bug and bought my first digital camera (a Canon G2). Both wonderful and frustrating, the camera produced some beautiful images … and suffered from autofocus delay and serious noise at ISO 400. But it was great fun and it opened the door to the future. These are a few of my personal photos from 2001 when I was just beginning my own digital odyssey.





The Woolworth Building in Manhattan



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