Setting the scene with beautiful details (wedding at the Angel Orensanz Center, New York, NY)

With the wedding season in full swing, I’ll have many new photos to blog in the months ahead.  Today I want to mix in a few favorites from my archives, as I do from time to time.

In telling the story of a wedding, it’s important to include photos of the location and beautiful details.  Here are some examples from Allison and David’s wedding at the Angel Orensanz Center.

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The Angel Orensanz Center, on Norfolk Street in Manhattan, was originally a synagogue.  When opened in 1849 it was the largest synagogue in the country. In 1986, sculptor Angel Orensanz purchased the building to serve as his studio.  It now hosts arts events and performances, and is a popular place for weddings. In 1997, it was the site of the wedding of Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick. includes the Center in its list of Top 10 NYC Wedding Locations – The Best Places to Get Married in New York.

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