Where to buy cameras & lenses

If you’re shopping for a camera, lens, camcorder or other photo gear, I recommend these vendors:

B&H Photo

B&H has almost everything in stock. Their web site is well organized and an excellent source of technical information. Some products also have informative customer reviews. Prices are good and returns are no problem within the return period. B&H ships very promptly and shipping charges are reasonable, at least within the USA. In the NYC area, even the cheapest UPS Ground shipping option results in very speedy delivery.


Another reliable vendor with good prices (sometimes a little better than B&H’s).  Their web site is very comprehensive and easily searchable.  Almost everything is in stock. Shipping is speedy and reasonably priced.


Amazon too has almost everything in stock. Their web site is excellent and the numerous customer reviews provide helpful “real world” feedback about products. Prices are almost always competitive. Shipping usually takes a little longer unless you pay extra for the fast shipping option. Returns are no problem within the return period. In case you need to find Amazon’s customer service phone number, it’s 800-201-7575 for the USA and Canada.  From outside the USA and Canada it’s 206-346-2992 or 206-266-2992.

If you’re in northern New Jersey and want to speak with a knowledgeable salesperson, I recommend that you go in person to Bergen County Camera in Westwood, New Jersey.

Some online vendors advertise extremely low prices, but have a terrible reputation for not delivering products at the low prices they advertise. If you see a great price online, be sure to check out the vendor at Resellerratings.com. The vendors with the lowest prices often have near-zero ratings (on a scale from 0 to 10), with dozens of “Very Dissatisfied” customer reviews on Resellerratings.com.

I am an affiliate of B&H Photo, Adorama and Amazon, so if you make a purchase after clicking through their links above, I’ll earn a small commission. Thank you!

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