Princeton Chapel Wedding – Prospect House Wedding – Jennifer and Patrick

A few favorites from Jennifer and Patrick’s wedding in Princeton.







Wedding photos at the Princeton University Chapel and Prospect House, Princeton, NJ.

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12 thoughts on “Princeton Chapel Wedding – Prospect House Wedding – Jennifer and Patrick

  1. Hi, little fish, you look so great and charming. It’s first time for me to see Patrick on photo. He looks so reliable and matured. The wedding dress is so suitable for you. Ahaah, it is our common taste, remember? All best wish for you and Patrick. Should both of you come back Shenzhen, please don’t forget to visit my villa! Love you and miss you!

  2. Jennifer, you look beautiful in that gown! The bouquet looks great, too. It’s too bad that I couldn’t make it to your fabulous wedding, but best wishes to you and your hubby!

  3. Congratulations and thanks for sharing the gorgeous wedding pictures. Here is the hoping that the years ahead to you will bring a lifetime happeness and the best of everything to you as a couple!

  4. Congratulations from heart! Jennifer seems young and beautiful as usual. Hope your everything is smooth and sweet! Thanks for sharing.

  5. Dear Jennifer it’s so touching and we finally have another girl married! You looked magnificant and shining in the bueatiful church. This is a great and important moment for both of you and we wish you growing happily in God’s love and in the marriage!

  6. A lot has been said about Jennifer. I’d just add a few words about Patrick. ‘You are the most handsome man! Really happy for my friend finding his true love!’

  7. Dear Jennifer

    Congratulations! You look beautiful. We are in Shanghai and we are so happy for you. Say hi to the lucky guy for us. Best wishes.

    May & Yi

  8. Dear, you look so beautiful! Your pictures made me so moved. I believe that Patrick knows how lucky he is as you deserve a loving man. Wish you all the best in the future, and you two will be loving soul partner forever.

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