Sebastião Salgado Inteview on YouTube

Documentary photographer Sebastião Salgado talks about his work in this October, 2004 interview at the Graduate School of Journalism at the University of  California, Berkeley (posted on YouTube in Nov. 2008):

Some of the topics (and their times):

~ 37:15 Fred Ritchin talks about how Salgado interacts with people.

~ 42:00 Salgado talks about the integration of camera and photographer, becoming part of the group, enjoying photography, photographing 12 hours a day, and choosing stories compatible with your way of thinking.

~ 50:15 About doing more than being a witness.

~ 57:15 About borrowing his wife’s camera and becoming a photographer.

~ 101:15 Ritchin discusses the changes brought by digital photography.

~ 1:15:00 About photographing the environment for his Genesis project.

~ 1:25:00 How photography can provoke discussion and promote helpful projects.

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