Meadow Wood Manor Wedding – Photos of the Day

More beautiful black and white. These photos are from a recent custom print order.


Canon EOS 1DIII, @28mm, ISO 400, 1/300, f/9.


Canon EOS 1DIII, @16mm, ISO 2000, 1/80, f/3.5.

Wedding photography at Saint Agnes Catholic Church in Atlantic Highlands, New Jersey, and at Meadow Wood Manor in Randolph, New Jersey.


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2 thoughts on “Meadow Wood Manor Wedding – Photos of the Day

  1. You could be one of the best wedding photographers I’ve seen. Your eye as well as your technical ability is truly amazing.

    Now, challenge yourself to use that same artful eye to shoot with film as well and you will be amazed at your next level.

    Study Riccis’ wedding photography and you’ll understand.

    Keep it up.

    1. Hi Tom,
      Thanks for the complement! I appreciate your comment very much. I enjoy Riccis’ wedding photography. Film is a great medium as we see in the history of photography. I used to develop black & white film and prints at home. It was a great deal of fun, but also very time consuming and the chemicals were unpleasant. I don’t see myself using film at this point (though you never know). I guess I love the instant feedback of digital and the degree of control and expression available through Photoshop.
      Best wishes,

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