Ridge at Back Brook Wedding – Molly and Mike

I’m very pleased to show a selection of photos from Molly and Mike’s wedding. Molly got ready in Princeton and the ceremony was at Pennington United Methodist Church in Pennington, NJ. The reception was held at The Ridge at Back Brook in Ringoes, New Jersey.

01-IMG_5496A02-IMG_5462A 03-IMG_5532A 04-IMG_5563A 05-IMG_5674 06-IMG_5508B 07-IMG_5536B 08-IMG_5647A 09-IMG_5654A 10-IMG_5748A 11-IMG_5862 12-IMG_5866A 13-IMG_6103A 14-IMG_6117A 15-IMG_6134A 16-IMG_6148A 17-IMG_6153A 18-IMG_6194A 19-IMG_5986A 20-IMG_6220A 21-IMG_6112 22-IMG_6333A 23-IMG_6353A 24-IMG_6260 25-IMG_6369 26-IMG_6411 27-IMG_6479A 28-IMG_6579


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