Photos of the Day: Gina and Tony’s Engagement

I’m very pleased to show some of my favorite photos from Gina and Tony’s engagement portrait session, photographed at Packanack Lake in Wayne, NJ:

0082-IMG_8054 0084-IMG_2624 0097-IMG_2649 0116-IMG_2683B 0171-IMG_2717B 0190-IMG_2747 0221-IMG_2800 0224-IMG_8100 0242-IMG_2845 0257-IMG_2878 0267-IMG_2904 0274-IMG_8115 0279-IMG_2917 0288-IMG_2937 0295-IMG_2963 0312-IMG_2999 0328-IMG_1323 0358-IMG_3090 0363-IMG_3104 0373-IMG_3148 0378-IMG_3157 0389-IMG_3179 0396-IMG_3194

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