Allison and Dan's Wedding

I’m very pleased to show some of my favorite photos from Allison and Dan’s wedding, photographed in Oldwick and Califon, NJ.

p002-IMG_5312B p011-IP2C6140 p020-IMG_5457B p025-IMG_5506B p026-IMG_5528B p034-IMG_5551 p036-IMG_5583B p055-EM1A4585 p073-IP2C6711B p082-IP2C6721 p086-EM1A4809B p087-EM1A4847 p103-IP2C6867 p105-IMG_5999p108-IMG_6041B p115-EM1A5054 p125-EM1A5139 p139-IP2C7295 p154-IMG_6354Bp153-IMG_6210p151-IP2C7345

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