Rebecca and José, Morven Museum & Garden Wedding

I’m very pleased to show some of my favorite photos from Rebecca and José’s Wedding at Morven Museum & Garden in Princeton, NJ:

001-IMG_0655 003-IMG_0691 005-IMG_0722 007-IMG_6545 008-IP2C5814 009-IP2C5827 011-IMG_6579 012-IMG_6595 013-IP2C5902 014-IMG_0740 015-IMG_6620 Morven Museum & Garden Wedding 019-IMG_6712 021-IMG_6809 023-IMG_0797 024-IP2C6142 028-IP2C6527 029-IP2C6530 031-IP2C6669 033-IP2C6726 034-IMG_7025 035-IMG_7045 036-IMG_7123 037-IMG_7157 038-IP2C6797 039-IMG_7168 040-EM1A2934 041-EM1A2951 042-EM1A2978 043-IMG_0879 044-EM1A2991 045-IP2C6864 046-IP2C6875 047-IP2C6928 048-EM1A3073 049-EM1A3107 050-IP2C6944 051-IMG_0918 052-EM1A3250 053-EM1A3277 054-IP2C6959 055-IP2C7006 057-IMG_0932 059-EM1A3443 060-EM1A3469 061-EM1A3488 062-EM1A3575 066-IMG_7772 067-IMG_7937 068-IMG_8192 069-IMG_1243 070-IMG_1295 071-IMG_1352

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