Pierre Hotel Wedding

I’m very pleased to show a selection of photos from a wedding at the Pierre Hotel in New York:

IMG_0588 IMG_0598-2 IMG_0654 IMG_0711 IMG_0717-2 IMG_0725 IMG_0730-2 IMG_0735-2 IMG_0742 IMG_0768 IMG_0779 IMG_0788-2 IMG_0828-2 IMG_0845-2 IMG_0937-2 IMG_0952-2 IMG_0965 IMG_1031 IMG_1086 IP2C2523 IP2C2854-2 IP2C2886-2 IP2C2919 IP2C3015-2 IP2C3019-2 IP2C3033 IP2C3072 IP2C3088 IP2C3128 IP2C3228 IP2C3241-2 IP2C3260 IMG_1134 IP2C3262 IP2C3269 IMG_1206 IP2C3295 IMG_1252 IP2C3302-2 IP2C3324 IP2C3335 IP2C3340-2 IP2C3407 IP2C3413-2 IP2C3438 IMG_8152 IMG_1289 IP2C3494 IMG_1340 IMG_1352 IMG_1360-2 IMG_1366IMG_1393IMG_1380 IMG_1401-2 IP2C3604IP2C3601-2 IP2C3624 IP2C3627 IP2C3635-2 IP2C3667-2 IP2C3689-2 IP2C3696 IP2C3727 IP2C3738 IMG_8225 IP2C3829-2 IP2C3872 IP2C3885-2 IMG_8285 IMG_8298-2 IMG_8335-2 IP2C4095 IMG_8382-2 IP2C4178-2 IMG_8398 IMG_8430-2 IMG_8540 IMG_8577 IMG_8583-2 IMG_8650-2 IMG_8736 IMG_8809-2 IMG_8828 IMG_8848-2 IMG_9271-2IMG_9151 IMG_9448 IMG_9456-2 IMG_9479 IMG_9720 IMG_9722 IMG_9729

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