Shenorock Shore Club Wedding – Margaret and Joshua

I’m very pleased to show a selection of photos from Margaret and Joshua’s wedding. The ceremony was at Stanwich Congregational Church in Greenwich, CT, and the reception was at Shenorock Shore Club in Rye, NY.

01-IMG_5200 02-IP2C0188 03-IMG_5302 04-IP2C0269 05-IP2C0314 06-IP2C0369 07-IMG_2409 09-IP2C0407 10-IP2C0490 11-IP2C0497 12-IP2C0505 13-IMG_2454 14-IMG_2461 15-IP2C0524 16-IMG_2506 17-IP2C0541 18-IMG_2540 19-IMG_2593 20-IMG_2614 21-IMG_2648 22-IMG_2699 23-IP2C0552 24-IMG_2709 25-IMG_2717 26-IP2C0587 27-IP2C0662 28-IP2C0716 29-IP2C0755 30-IP2C0801 31-IP2C0802 32-IP2C0989 33-IP2C1051 34-IP2C1097 35-IP2C1166 36-IP2C1207 37-IP2C1234 38-IP2C1244 39-IP2C1261 40-IP2C1276 42-IP2C1310 43-IP2C1359 44-IP2C1364 45-IP2C1406 46-IP2C1443 47-IP2C1452 48-IMG_5432 49-IMG_5454 50-IMG_5499 51-IMG_5526 53-IMG_5537 54-IMG_5569 55-IP2C1498 56-IP2C1514 57-IP2C1520 58-IMG_5643 59-IMG_5650 60-IMG_5675 61-IMG_5684 62-IP2C1588 63-IMG_5792 64-IP2C1617 65-IMG_5812 66-IP2C1653 67-IP2C1669 68-IP2C1672 69-IP2C1693 72-IMG_5991 73-IMG_6006 74-IP2C1836 75-IMG_6026 76-IP2C1910 77-IP2C1924 71-IMG_591778-IMG_2819 79-IMG_2820 80-IP2C1995 81-IP2C2044 82-IP2C2049 83-IP2C2074 84-IP2C2092 85-IP2C2142 86-IP2C2154 87-IP2C2167 88-IP2C2217 89-IP2C2221 90-IP2C2257 94-IMG_647391-IP2C2435 92-IMG_6332 93-IMG_6416 95-IMG_6592 96-IMG_6604

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