Thank you! And My Most Liked on Instagram

First, a big Thank You to everyone who visited this blog this year! According the WordPress, the blog was viewed 75,000 times in 2015. People visited from 112 countries (wow!). Most visitors came via Facebook and Pinterest.

Also, 2015 was a year in which I got more active on Instagram. Here are my most Liked photos on Instagram in 2015 (according to


Clockwise from top left:

  1. A child’s hands after drawing with chalk, Tenafly, NJ.
  2. Reflections of boat masts in the sea, Croatia.
  3. Liv Tyler, David Gardner and son Sailor, New York, NY.
  4. A bride in late afternoon sunlight, Bronxville, NY.
  5. A cat takes a nap, Croatia.
  6. A wet dog by the sea, Croatia.
  7. Ballet dancer Marie-Agnès Gillot, New York, NY.
  8. A cat in a window, Croatia.
  9. Street art, Croatia.

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