Milk Makeup Launch

I’m very pleased to show a selection of photos from the Milk Makeup launch dinner and party, photographed at Milk Studios on January 28th:

IMG_5224BIMG_5216AIMG_5059BIMG_5078AB IMG_5202B IP2C0416 IP2C0426 IP2C0442 IP2C0470 IMG_5247AA IMG_5264B IP2C0686-2 IMG_5322 IP2C0736 IP2C0744 IP2C0763 IMG_5331 IP2C0812 IP2C0832 IP2C0834 IP2C0843 IP2C0852B IP2C0875B IP2C0935BIP2C0902 IP2C1009BA IP2C1038B IP2C1123 IMG_5391 IP2C1164P IMG_5418 IP2C1275P IMG_5517 IMG_5553IP2C1602B

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