How Wedding Photos Benefit from Improved Software Tools

On the left is how the camera originally captured the above photo some years back, and on the right is how I would process the photo today. The original is how the camera “sees” — technically good, but not quite how a human sees the scene. The version on the right better expresses how one would experience the scene in person. It’s not necessarily more accurate, but it definitely “reads” better.

Could the original photo have been processed like the one on the right when it was first made? Likely yes, but not as simply as one can do it today.

As a wedding photographer, I’m always looking for better ways to craft and express my photos. I’m just loving how photo software has advanced to the point where past photos can be reprocessed to look better than ever. This is especially true for photos that were shot in the Raw digital format. Of course, all new photos benefit from this right now.

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