Indian Harbor Yacht Club Wedding Photo

Liz and John's wedding reception was at the Indian Harbor Yacht Club in Greenwich, CT.

Indian Harbor Yacht Club wedding in Greenwich, CT.

This post is about creating a big group photo at an Indian Harbor Yacht Club wedding in Greenwich, CT. Several questions come to mind when planning a big group photo. Where to organize it and when? How to get everyone’s attention? Will there be enough light? Will I be able to see everyone? Where should the bride and groom stand? 

Most weddings do not have a big group photo because there isn’t a good vantage point for it, or there isn’t a good time for it on the schedule. But sometimes such a photo is a priority and I’m happy to make it happen. I had photographed the groom’s sister’s wedding at a beach club some years prior and had made a similar photo from a 2nd story window. 

This photo was made moments after the traditional colors ceremony when members and guests standby in silence as the flag is lowered. Wedding planner Kia Martinson of ESTOccasions (link) helped me get everyone’s attention. My vantage point was the top of a staircase overlooking the lawn. This high position helped me to see everyone.  While I generally prefer daylight for wedding portraits, it was getting quite dark. So I used a bit of flash to help.

After a few quick clicks, the photo was made and the guests went inside for a wonderful wedding reception.  The photo preserves the memory of a special day.

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