Harry Sandler Exhibit at Milk Gallery

Family and friends of legendary photographer and tour manager Harry Sandler celebrated his life at a memorial photo exhibition at Milk Gallery last night. Visitors included Katy Perry and John Mellencamp. I’m very pleased to show a selection of my photos of the event. Read more about it at this link:  About Last Night: Milk Gallery Pays Tribute to Harry Sandler

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John Mellencamp reviews photographs

Katy Perry
Katy Perry with Harry Sandler’s photograph of a Montana cowboy

John Montgomery, Terri Lou Dantzler, Tom Fielder, Elizabeth Fielder, David Reinfeld, Debra Reinfeld
Kathy Franklin, David Chase, Janet Weber
Debra Rathwell, John Montgomery
Bob Donnelly, Serge Grimaux

Kathi Scharnikow, Cody Lauzier, Mark Acob, Jonathan Baden, Donna DiBenedetto



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