Album Mat and Outline Colors

In matted albums, the mat is the page color around the photos. The outline is the thin, slightly recessed border between the photo and the mat. The mat and outline are usually in contrasting colors to give a better framing effect for the photo.

Mat Colors for 800 Style Mat Colors for 8500 Style
Black Black
White White
Brown Cream


Outline Colors for 800 Style Outline Colors for 8500 Style
Silver Black
Ebony White
White Red
Premium Black* Copper
Premium Brown*  
Premium Charcoal*  
Premium Cream*  
Premium White*  
*premium makes pages 15% thicker  

Some possible combinations are shown here, but please note that colors are approximate and may vary in appearance from one computer screen to another:


Cream mat with black outline


Black mat with silver outline


Charcoal mat with silver outline


Brown mat with cream outline

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