800 Traditional Matted Album

Large 800 Traditional Matted Album. The album is approximately 12 x 12″ and the photos are approximately 7 x 10″ to 8 x 10″.
Genuine Leather, Premium Fabric & Japanese Book Cloth Covers
Prints Expertly Mounted By Hand Into Your Choice of Mat/Outline Combination
Mat Colors: Black, Charcoal, Brown, White, Cream
Outline Colors: Black, Charcoal, Brown, White, Cream, Ebony, Gold, Silver
Page Gilding Available (added cost): Black, Silver, Red, Copper or Gold
Capacity: 35 Page Maximum (70 Sides)
Personalized Stamping Available
Panoramas, Three Quarter Panoramas, and Half Panoramas Available
Split Tone, Cover Stripe, and Photo Plate Covers Available (added cost)


All outside album dimensions of the 800 Traditional Matted Album are square.  For example: an 800 Traditional Matted Album with 8×10 prints will have pages measuring approximately 11 1/2 x 11 1/2. The outside cover dimension is approximately 12 x 12 inches. Available print sizes:  4×6, 5×7 and 8×10 (either vertical or horizontal). Please Note: All prints lose approximately 3/16 inch on each of the four sides in the trimming process.

Two sides of a large traditional matted album with black mats and white outlines. Photo are about 7×10″. Pages are about 12×12″.


800-img-9542 800-img-9540
800-img-9538 800-img-9536

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