Belvedere Mansion Wedding – Erin and Seth

Here is a selection of my favorite photos from Erin and Seth’s 2004 wedding. Their ceremony and reception were held at the Belvedere Mansion in Staatsburg, New York. After the reception, the party continued at a nearby home.

img_00423img_00015 img_00025 img_00035 img_00045 img_00055 img_00065 img_00075 img_00085 img_00095 img_00105 img_00115 img_00125 img_00135 img_00145 img_00155 img_00165 img_00175 img_00185 img_00195 img_00205 img_00215 img_00225 img_00235 img_00245 img_00255 img_00265 img_00275 img_00285 img_00295 img_00314 img_00324 img_00334 img_00344 img_00354 img_00364 img_00374 img_00384 img_00393 img_00403 img_00413 img_00433 img_00443 img_00453 img_00462 img_00482

An idea for October weddings: pumpkins with the couple’s names carved in them.


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