Pre-Wedding Shoot / Engagement Session

A pre-wedding shoot / engagement session is a great way to:

  • Create a variety of photos that capture your pre-wedding relationship
  • Develop a rapport with your photographer, and gain an understanding of my style
  • Have fun being photographed and learn to relax in front of the camera
  • Create photos for a save-the-date, wedding announcement or signing book
  • Experiment with hair and make-up

For your pre-wedding shoot / engagement session:

  • Choose a location that is interesting, scenic or personally meaningful
  • Depending on your hair style, bring a brush/comb for hair adjustments
  • Carry any items in a small bag (I may end up carry it along with my photo gear 🙂 )
  • Consider bringing some inspiration photos on your phone
  • Bring a change of clothing if you want photos in different outfits and there’s a place to change
  • Let me know if you’ll need a certain type of photo for a wedding announcement (e.g. eyes level with each other)

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