How to Identify Photos for Album Orders and Print Orders

When preparing photo lists for albums or print orders, clients can save a good deal of typing by identifying their selections using just the first 4 numbers in the photo’s filename. Those are unique to each photo. There’s no need to write the full ID number, which is 13 characters long.

Going through the photos online is a bit slow, so you might find it more convenient to write down the numbers from the back of the proof prints or from the files on your disk.

The prints have the same numbers as the online gallery, but the lab adds some more numbers before the filename. So the print may have something like this printed on the back:

12 156197 – 0498-IMG-9837.jpg

… but the actual filename is just 13 characters followed by “.jpg”:


… and you can send me just the first 4 numbers to identify that photo for your album or print order:


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