Leather Craftsmen 700 Series (The Horizontal or Vertical Book)

Horizontal 700 Series Matted Album
  • Genuine Leather, Premium Fabric & Japanese Book Cloth Covers
  • Prints Expertly Mounted By Hand Into Your Choice of Mat/Outline Combination
  • Mat Colors: Black, Charcoal, Brown, White, Cream
  • Outline Colors: Black, Charcoal, Brown, White, Cream, Ebony, Gold, Silver
  • Page Gilding Colors: Black, Silver, Red, Copper, Gold or No Gild
  • Capacity: 35 Page Maximum (70 Sides)
  • Personalized Stamping Available
  • Panoramas and Half Panoramas Available
  • Split Tone, Cover Stripe, and Photo Plate Covers Available (added cost)

Available print sizes:  4×5, 5×7, 8×10 and 10×12. Please Note: All prints lose approximately 1/4 inch on each of the four sides in the trimming process.

(Images © Zlatko Batistich, except as indicated)

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(Bottom image © Leather Craftsmen Inc.)