Pre-Event Questionnaire

Please get back to me with these items at least one month before your event.  Thank you!



Event Date:



Photography start time:

Photography starting location:



Ceremony start time:

Ceremony location:

How long will the ceremony be?

Any restrictions on photography during the ceremony?



Portraits start time:

Portraits location:

Please list the portraits (please plan for about 3-4 minutes for each portrait on your list.)  For weddings, plan some extra time for bride & groom portraits — how much is up to you.  For most weddings, the essential portraits are: 1. bride & groom, 2. bride & groom with parents, 3. bride & groom with bride’s family, 4. bride & groom with groom’s family, and 5. bride & groom with wedding party.  Additional portraits are welcome, but please be sure to schedule sufficient time.








How much time will we have for the above portraits?



Reception location:

Start time for cocktails:

End time for cocktails:

End time for photography:  (If the end time means I’ll be photographing for more hours than contracted, I’ll bill you for the additional time as per your price schedule.)



Number of guests expected:

For weddings —

Number of parents attending (bride’s)

Number of siblings attending (bride’s)

Number of parents attending (groom’s)

Number of siblings attending (groom’s)

Will any grandparents be attending (bride’s and/or groom’s)?



Anything that requires special attention or any special requests for photography.






Please provide the cell phone numbers of one or two people that can be reached on the day of the event.  (Good to have in case of an emergency.)





Does the venue require a certificate of insurance from me?  If so, please let me know to whom it should be sent.  If required, I’ll request a certificate from my insurer and they’ll send it directly to the venue.


SECOND PHOTOGRAPHER (Additional cost option as per your price schedule)

Would you like a second photographer?  If yes, I’ll get in touch with you to discuss his/her schedule, locations, etc.



Sometimes in the rush of events, it can be hard to find parking.  Please let me know about any special parking rules or arrangements at the ceremony location.  For most locations this is not an issue, but some locations have a special lot, garage, gate, permit, etc., which can be very helpful for me to know.



If you’ve hired a videographer for the event, please let me know their name.



Your complete set of proofs will appear in a password-protected gallery about 60-65 days after the wedding.  I’ll email you the link and password, which I welcome you to share with family and guests.

Separately, I would like to post some photos on my web site for potential clients to see.  This helps future clients to find me (on Google, etc.) and it’s good practice to show off new work.  Toward that end, please let me know your wishes regarding having photos appear on my web site:

____  Yes.   Please post photos from the wedding, and it’s OK to mention our first names.

____  Yes, but without names.   Please post photos from the wedding but omit our names.

____  Details only.  Post photos of the location, flowers, dress, cake, etc., but not of identifiable persons.

____  Maybe.  We’d like to decide later after we see the photos.

____  No.  We do not want our photos online (except in the password-protected gallery).

Also, if it’s OK to post some photos from your wedding, please let me know if you would like any of your vendors credited (such as floral design, music, cake, dress, planner, videographer, etc.).  This may bring them some potential future business.  If so, please let me know their names.




Please let me know your shipping address for the proofs.  Proofs are shipped about 70 days after the wedding.  The contract balance is due on the event date.  Thank you!