Pre-Event Questionnaire


Clients: Event Date:

Photography start time:

Photography starting location:

If doing GETTING READY photos, about 1.5 hours usually works well for that part of the day, or having photography start about 60 minutes before the bride plans to be dressed.


Portraits start time: Portraits end time (approx.):

Portraits location:

I suggest:  

  • 5 minutes for the first look (if doing a first look);
  • 10 to 50 minutes for bride & groom portraits (depending on location / route);
  • 3 minutes per portrait on your list of family and wedding party portraits;

For many weddings, the key portraits are these:

  1. couple + bride’s parents
  2. couple + bride’s family, including any grandparents & in-laws
  3. couple + all parents
  4. couple + groom’s parents
  5. couple + groom’s family, including any grandparents & in-laws
  6. bride + bridesmaids
  7. couple + wedding party (bridesmaids & groomsmen)
  8. groom + groomsmen

Please list any other requested portraits (and plan for about 3 minutes for each) — attach a list if you need more space:


Ceremony start time: Ceremony end time (approx.):

Ceremony location:

Any restrictions on photography during the ceremony?


Reception location:

Start time for cocktails: End time for cocktails:

End time for photography (when I leave):  

(If the end time means I’ll be photographing for more hours than contracted, I’ll bill you for the additional time as per your price schedule.)


Number of guests expected:

Number of bride’s parents attending:

Number of bride’s siblings attending:

Number of groom’s parents attending:

Number of groom’s siblings attending:

Will any grandparents be attending — bride’s and/or groom’s?


Anything that requires special attention, or any special requests for photography:


Please provide the mobile phone numbers of one or two people that can be reached on the day of the event.  (Good to have in case of an emergency.)  My mobile number is: 201-755-4435.


Does the venue require a certificate of insurance from me?  If so, please let me know to whom it should be sent.  If required, I’ll request a certificate from my insurer and they’ll send it directly to the venue.  This takes 2-3 business days.

SECOND PHOTOGRAPHER OPTION (Additional cost option as per your price schedule)

Would you like a second photographer?  If yes, please let me know at least one month before the wedding.  I’ll contact you to discuss the 2nd photographer’s schedule.


Please let me know if there are any special arrangements or rules for parking at any of the locations.  Some locations have a special lot, garage, gate, driveway, permit, price, etc., which can be very important for me to know about.


If you’ve hired a videographer for the event, please let me know their name / contact info.


I’ll send you some preview photos a week or two after the wedding.  Your complete set of photos will appear in a password-protected gallery 65 to 70 days after the wedding.  I’ll email you the link and password then.  I hope you’ll share the online gallery with family members and guests as they may want to order some photos.

I would also like to post some photos on my public web site and on social media for future clients to see.  This helps people find me, and it’s good practice to show new work.  Please let me know your wishes regarding having photos appear online:

____  Yes.  Please post photos from the wedding, and it’s OK to mention our first names.

____  Yes.  Please post photos from the wedding but omit our names.

____  Details only.  Post photos of the location, flowers, dress, cake, etc., but not of identifiable persons.

If you’ll be inviting guests to post their photos to social media, please let me if you’ll have a special hashtag.  I would be glad to use the same when I post to social media.

#_____________________________________ #_____________________________________

Also, if it’s OK to post photos from your wedding, please let me know if you would like any of your vendors credited (such as floral design, music, cake, dress, planner, videographer, etc.).  This may help future couples in their planning and may bring those vendors some future clients.  If so, please let me know their names.


If your contract includes any physical items to be shipped, I will use the shipping address in your contract.  If you have a new address, or would like items shipped somewhere else, please let me know here.


Thank you for completing this questionnaire!