Shenorock Shore Club Wedding – Claire and Richard

I’m very pleased to show some of my favorite photos from Claire and Richard’s wedding, photographed in Larchmont, NY, and at Shenorock Shore Club in Rye, NY:

01-336K0337 02-336K0370 03-336K0443 04-IMG_3530 05-IMG_3536 06-336K0465 07-336K0478 08-336K0491 09-336K0555R 10-336K0599 11-336K0699 12-IMG_3715 13-336K0756 14-336K0799 15-IMG_3983 16-IMG_3998 17-IMG_4021 18-IMG_4029 19-336K0960 20-336K1240 21-IMG_4302 22-336K1368 23-IMG_4331 24-336K1405 25-336K1459 26-IMG_4486 27-336K1603 28-336K1647 29-IMG_4714 30-IMG_4747 31-IMG_4769 32-336K1892 33-IMG_4863 34-IMG_4841 35-336K1933 36-336K3686 37-IMG_1617 38-IMG_1643 39-IMG_4962 40-IMG_4982

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