Wedding: Elana and Jonathan at Loft 11, New York, NY

Elana and Jonathan’s wedding ceremony and reception were held at Loft 11 in Manhattan. I’m very pleased to present a selection of my favorite photos:

img_00012 img_00022 img_00032 img_00042 img_00052 img_00062 img_00072 img_00092 img_00102 img_00112 img_00122 img_00132 img_00142 img_00152 img_00162 img_00172 img_00192 img_00212 img_00222 img_00232 img_00242 img_00262 img_00272 img_00282 img_00292 img_00302 img_00312 img_00322 img_00332 img_00342 img_00352 img_00362 img_00372 img_00382

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